We offer interpreting services, both 

via phone and onsite.

We have experience interpreting  for clients when accessing social and medical services as well as for conferences and workshops.

All of our interpreters follow the code of ethics of the Icelandic Association of Interpreters and Translators

We offer translations of legal documents, such as driving licences and national identification, birth certificates and other documents . We offer translation, creation and editing services of informational material, such as web sites, brochures, press notes and academical papers.


We are available for lectures on various cultural and social topics. Previous lectures include:

  • Women and sexuality in Islam

  • An overview Of Afghanistan, History, Culture and Language

  • Immigrants and labour market in Iceland



Our company started out as a collective of interpreters and translators, working and living in Iceland. We come from diverse backgrounds and have experiences of living in different countries. Our unique make up allows us to not only offer interpretation and translation services, but also lectures and seminars on inter-cultural learning.

Erna Huld Ibrahimsdóttir has worked as a translator and interpreter since 2008. She has been living in Iceland since 2010. She speaks Farsi/ Dari and several Dari dialects as well as English and Icelandic. She has translated research papers and legal documents in Afghanistan and has worked as an interpreter at conferences in different countries. In the last 5 years she has worked with Jafnréttishús and Asetur as an interpreter and translator in Iceland. She has a bachelor of Law and Political Science from Kabul University  and studied Gender and Women's Studies at Iceland University. Through her studies and immigration experience in Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan she acquired a good understanding of social and culture contexts in those countries.

Christina Anna Milcher has inherited her love of spreadsheets and organisation from her father and is responsible for the business side of the company. She has served in administrative positions in NGOs and  has been involved in several projects concerning immigration in Iceland. She has a Master in Public Health and studied Development Studies. She has lived in Germany, the Netherlands, Chile and China.


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